No configuration, fully-featured Netlify CMS for Orchid.


The OrchidNetlifyCMS plugin adds everything necessary to get the Netlify CMS added to your Orchid site so you can manage all your content with an beautiful and easy-to-use web interface. This plugin generates the Netlify CMS' required config.yml (not to be confused with Orchid's config.yml), and also creates widgets for the Orchid-specific content types like Components, Menus, and Template Tags.


dependencies {
libraryDependencies += "io.github.javaeden.orchid" % "OrchidNetlifyCMS" % "0.21.2"



This plugin can be used with any netlify CMS backend you like, but when Orchid is running in serve mode, it will configure itself to be the backend. This allows Orchid's embedded server to serve the content to Netlify CMS for development and local content editing. No configuration is necessary to use Orchid as the Netlify CMS backend, it is automatically set up for you when running serve, and your configured backend is then used when your site is generated for production.

The only configuration necessary for you to add the Netlify CMS to your Orchid site, is to configure your backend. You may also want to change the resourceRoot and mediaFolder, which must be configured relative to your Git repository root, but if you are using the default Gradle plugin settings and your Orchid site isn't a Gradle multi-project, then the defaults will already be set up correctly for you.