Orchid's many plugins ease the transition from other tools, see the best plugins here.

Orchid was created from the very beginning to support plugins. In fact, everything that Orchid does is set up in a modular, pluggable way, which makes it possible to customize your site with exactly the features you want and nothing more.

Static Pages

Add static pages with rich taxonomy to your Orchid site.

Blog Posts

Add Jekyll-like blogging functionality to your Orchid site.


A Gitbook-like wiki for your Orchid site.

Code Docs

The base module for adding code documentation to Orchid with Kodiak

Complete Plugin List

The full list of available plugins is available in the plugin directory. You can also browse themes, or find bundles of plugins which are frequently used together.

Custom Plugins

If you're interested in creating custom plugins for Orchid, either for private use or to publish publicly, check out the Extending Orchid guide.